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How to get to the House Finch

Present since one week, the house finch was seen again today. It frequents feeders in garden of a small housing quarter in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, close to Paris, in Yvelines departement. You can reach the city by train (RER B4, many stations in the suburb network of Paris) then you have a 10mn walk. The train station is visible on the first street map on the top right.
Go to Av. Guy de Coubertin. The bird has been observed at feeders at three places:
- corner of Av. Guy de Coubertin and Rue de la Digue (n°1)
- poplars and gardens behind the 5-7 Rue Blanche (n°2)
- big apple tree inside a large garden of Av. Guy de Coubertin (n°3)
The best site is the apple tree and other trees nearby, where the bird stays, sings, during the day.
Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse is at 02°03'44E 48°41'57N
If you visit, please respect all properties and gardens which are private.

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