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Cabo Verde 2 - Raso Larks

So many pics to share after this trip. This post will be dedicated to Raso Lark, to display various jizz, actions, appearances of this rare lark endemic to the tiny island of Raso. Raso is made of rock and grass, dry at the end of February.
Lark in action - these two pics show how raso moves rocks to look for food.
Some larks are colour-ringed within the flocks foraging on the large flat plain. These ringed flocks seem quite shy compared to other birds seen elsewhere.
While most lark were wearing a fresh plumage, some displayed some marked moult contrasts, as this bird in the tertials.
Face on - remembering that birds are the last live dinos.

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  1. Bonjour Frédéric, cet oiseau est tout à fait étonnant, je ne le connaissais pas, merci pour le partage au travers de ce site ainsi et des ouvrages notamment " 100 oiseaux des parcs et jardins " qui m' a permis d' identifier ce matin trois jeunes fauvettes à tête noire au béret brun-roux, les photos, dessins et explications sont parfaites pour l' identification .